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  About the UM Genome Bioinformatics Site

Welcome to a version of the the UCSC Genome Browser that is customized and maintained by the Kidd Lab in the Department of Human Genetics at the University of Michigan Medical School. You'll find UCSC Genome Browser tracks along with those produced and compiled here at the UM. This site contains the reference sequence and working draft assemblies for the human, dog, mouse, gorilla, and chimpanzee genomes.

The Genome Browser zooms and scrolls over chromosomes, showing the work of annotators worldwide. The Gene Sorter shows expression, homology and other information on groups of genes that can be related in many ways. The Table Browser provides convenient access to the underlying database.

WARNING: This is a test site. Data and tools here are under construction, have not been quality reviewed, and are subject to change at any time. For high-quality reviewed annotations, visit

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  Conditions of Use

The sequence and annotation data displayed in the Genome Browser are freely available for any use with the following conditions:

  • Genome sequence data use restrictions are noted within the species sections on the Credits page.
  • Some annotation tracks contributed by external collaborators contain proprietary data that have specific use restrictions. To check for restrictions associated with a particular genome assembly, review the database/README.txt file in the assembly's downloads directory.

The UCSC, Ensembl, and NCBI browser and annotation groups have established a common set of minimum requirements for public display of genome data made available after Spring 2009, described here.

The Genome Browser and Blat software are free for academic, nonprofit, and personal use. A license is required for commercial use. See the Licenses page for more information.

Program-driven use of this software is limited to a maximum of one hit every 15 seconds and no more than 5,000 hits per day.

For assistance with questions or problems regarding the UCSC Genome Browser software, database, genome assemblies, or release cycles, see the FAQ.