2013 News



October Welcome to UROP researcher Nikki Diroff!

August Poznik et al paper using genome sequencing to clarify human Y-chromosome history is published and highlighted by UMHS News and Science

July  Jeff is named as a Pew Scholar in the Biomedical Sciences

July Kidd Lab and guests attend the Human Genetics Annual Picnic and win a round of the tug-of-war competition! Sincere appreciation to Mills Lab for support.

July PIBS student Feichen Shen joins as a rotation student.  Welcome!

July Paper on great ape genome diversity and history is published, including contributions from the Kidd Lab and many other collaborators.

April Sarah Emery joins the lab!

April Post Doc Julia Wildschutte joins the lab! 

April Bioinformatics Ph.D. student Shiya Song joins the lab! 

Janary The Henn Lab at Stony Brook opens! Congratulations to our collaborator Brenna Henn!

January Shiya Song joins the lab as a rotation student. Welcome!