2019 News



December Our collaborative study on L1 insertions that are missed by short read sequencing technologies and biases in single cell whole genome amplification appears in Nucleic Acids Research. Congratulations to all!

October Our paper on high throughput tracking of HIV expression appears in PloS Pathogens.  Congratulations to David Read, Edmond Atindaana, and all co-authors!  

September Master’s Degree student Andie Veach and PIBS rotation student Matt Blacksmith join the lab.  Welcome!

August  Jeff is appointed as a Senior Fellow in the Michigan Society of Fellows

May  Jeff and Laura attend the 10th International Conference on Canine and Feline Genetics and Genomics in Bern, Switzerland.

April  Laura Kirby joins Kidd Lab as a Michigan Life Sciences Fellow! 

March  Kidd Lab and collaborators celebrate Pi Day 2019!

March  Our paper on the evolutionary history of the ERV-Fc sublineage within canids is published! Congrats to Julia, Amanda, and our other collaborators!

January  Feichen defends his dissertation.  Congratulations Dr. Shen!