2015 News



December Congratualtions to Julia on her new position at Bowling Green State University!  We are all sad to see you leave, but wish you much success in your new position.   Jolly Pumpkin will not be the same again.

December Mills and Kidd Lab Holiday Party!  We had fun ice skating at Veterans Park and enjoyed a meal at Mediterrano

December Our paper on genetic load in humans is published!  Congrats to Brenna Henn, Laura Botigue, Stephan Peischl and all who contributed.  This work was also featured in a perspective by Rajiv McCoy and Joshua Akey.

November Our paper with Laurie Stevison, August Woerner, Joanna  Kelley, Krishna Veeramah and colleagues on the recombination rate landscape across great apes is published!  

September Kidd Lab and guests survive trip to Cedar Point.

July Shiya and Julia present at the annual meeting of the Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution in Vienna, Austria.  The meeting is held in the historic Hofburg Palace.

June Julia and Amanda present at the International Conference on Advances in Canine and Feline Genomics and Inherited Disease in Cambridge, UK and meet old and new collaborators!

May Julia Wildschutte receives an F32 NRSA fellowship to characterize canine transposable elements!

May Kidd Lab is part of Michigan team funded to explore the role of somatic mutation in schizophrenia

April Bridget Myers joins the lab as a research assistant.  Welcome!

March  Kidd Lab hosts inaugural Tuesday Tea Time at Two  

February  Ice fishing outing!

January Julia presents preliminary findings on Canine mobile elements at the Plant and Animal Genome Conference

April Axel Martin joins the lab!

March Our paper with the Coffin Lab on discovery and analysis of novel human endogenous retroviruses (HERV-Ks) is published in PNAS.  The paper is also highlighted by a press release and a commentary by Jack Lenz