We apply computational and experimental approaches to mulitple questions in genome biology, evolution, and disease. Further details on current research can be found on the Kidd Lab gitHub page and in recent publications.

Population History and

Genome Evolution

What is the history of a species and how has natural selection acted to shape the genome diversity we observe today?  We apply a population genomics approach to the study of humans, non-human primates, and canines with a focus on genome evolution and genome structural variation.

Bioinformatics and High-Throughput Sequencing

Can novel sequencing approaches be applied to new aspects of genome biology?  We combine computational and experimental approaches to assemble insertion variants, characterize copy-number variation, detect somatic mutations, and profile virus activity.

Canine Genomics

How do genetic differences give rise to the wide range of phenotypes found among dogs?  How has natural and artificial selection altered the canine genome?  We are undertaking a multifaceted canine genomics study to address these important questions and to further develop canines as a genomic model system.