2016 News



November Our paper on demographic inference using physically phased genomes and the impact of phasing errors is published!  Congrats!

September Kidd Lab members attend the ASHG Meeting in Vancouver, BC.

September Welcome to Masters Student Veronica Behrens and PIBS Rotation Student Kevin Hu!

August Angela leaves the lab to begin graduate school at Arizona State University.  Best of luck!

August: Our paper on variation among Chimpanzee Y chromosomes is published.  Congrats!

July Shiya defends her dissertation.  Congratulations Dr. Song!

June Lauren joins the lab.  Welcome!

June Bridget leaves the lab to begin medical school.  Best of luck!

June Kidd Lab attends the annual Human Genetics Department Picnic

June Shiya, Jeff, and collaborators attend canine genomics meeting in Beijing.

March Kidd Lab celebrates Pi Day with a Michigan Cherry Pie!

January  Welcome to PIBS rotation students Shengcheng Dong and Torrin McDonald!